Tushar Khatri

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App Developer Intern and MentorBeyond Exams - beyondexams.org

  1. Responsible for spearheading the development of the Beyond Exams Android app for beyondexams.org

  2. Mentored college students enrolled in app development cohorts, offering expertise in Flutter app development best practices, coding standards, and project management.


Udemy Instructor

Self Employed.

Established a successful career as a Udemy instructor, attracting an enrollment of over 6000 students in my courses. Published two highly-rated courses, namely "Markdown Crash Course" and "Kotlin for Beginners," receiving excellent feedback and reviews from students. Developed comprehensive and engaging course content, ensuring a rewarding learning experience for students and fostering a positive learning environment.



B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering- Dronacharya College of Engineering

Gurugram, Haryana, India


Grade 12Holy Cross School

82% | Najafgarh, New Delhi, India


Grade 10S.T Charles School

80% | Samaspur Khalsa, New Delhi, India


👁️ Projects


Languages: Python • HTML/CSS • Javascript • Dart • SQL

Libraries, Frameworks, and Tools: Node.js • Express.js • React • Redux • Bootstrap • Tailwind CSS • Github/Git • AWS Web Deployment • CI/CD • Pytorch/Tensorflow • OpenCV • NumPy • scikit-learn • MacOS/Windows



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • 03-04/06/2023

  1. Presented a pioneering research paper titled "Analytical Comparison of different types of EV on the Basis of Driving Cycle: Indian EV Scenario" at the 1349th International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology - ICSET 2023. The paper provided a comprehensive analysis of various types of electric vehicles (EVs) in the context of Indian driving cycles, offering valuable insights for the advancement of sustainable transportation in the country.

  2. Honored with the prestigious "Best Paper Presentation Award" at the 1349th International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology - ICSET 2023. This notable achievement acknowledges exceptional research aptitude, effective communication skills, and the ability to captivate and engage the audience with innovative ideas and findings.


Amity University, Noida, India • 19/01/2023

  1. Developed the web application RUOK using the LAMP stack to analyze users' health conditions. Implemented features such as data collection through parameters, questionnaires, and symptom reporting, enabling accurate disease prediction. Facilitated users in connecting with relevant doctors via offline and online video conferencing, ensuring prompt medical assistance.

  2. Expanded the functionalities of RUOK by incorporating additional features. This included hotspot tracking for communicable diseases, providing real-time information on disease outbreaks. Integrated functionalities to find nearby hospitals and determine the best routes to avoid hotspots, prioritizing user safety. Additionally, implemented statistical analysis of communicable diseases, aiding in data-driven decision-making. Recognition was achieved by winning the Healthcare category in a competitive event involving 78 teams.


Avid enthusiast of sci-fi podcasts and movies, delving into parallel universes, cosmic mysteries, and futuristic narratives to fuel imagination and explore the realms of infinite possibilities